Big Game Fishing

Are you a "Sportsmen" fishing enthusiast and you want to practice it at the place where it hits records in this area? So come do it in Madeira.

The island is on the route of the big fish of the Atlantic, as blue marlin. The Madeira Luxury Travel works with experienced companies that own vessels aimed for sport fishing. We guarantee adrenaline and safety in activities, practicing the 'catch and release' system.

Come and beat your best personal sport fishing record in the wonderful waters of the Atlantic where in addition to species from migration routes you can find various species of tuna.

Just 5 minutes from the pier there are magnificent fishing areas where the water depth reaches 1000 meters.

The waters of Madeira are favored by the migratory routes of many species such as, from June to September, the blue marlin and the bigeye tuna.

You can still find in these waters, albacore, bluefin tuna, blue shark, hammer shark, barracuda, bonito and swordfish.



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